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Meat Free Monday #3 - Soy Bolognaise (english version)

Versão Portuguesa aqui!

Promised is due and today we have the return of the Meat Free Monday!! (as you're all hungry let's hope nobody noticed today is Tuesday: $ x))

So come on, have talked here about tofu and seitan, and today I will introduce you to the soy protein or textured soy! The name seems a terrible thing but it is the biggest life-saviors of vegetarians, believe it!

The soy protein is produced from soy flakes through a process that uses aqueous extraction and minimum heat. This product is free of carbohydrates and fat. (source: vegetarianismo.com.br) Today soy protein can be found in any supermarket in two formats, a large lump and another thin (this last one is my favorite and easiest to use):

(picture via google)

I usually use the thinner one because it doesn't need to be soaked and the texture is easier to please more people - the largest ones has a slightly spongy texture what does not please all tastes! If you are cooking this for the 1st time or for people with a foot back  in relation to vegetarian food, opt for thinner soy!

- Just one more note before we move on to the recipe itself: in almost all the recipes with granulated soy you will read the instruction to put the soy inside water for a couple of hours. This step is more for soybeans in large pieces so they have time to absorb the water and the pieces are not hard - in thin soy you don't need any of that (see why I prefer the thinner one?!;P)!

Soy Bolognaise!

I made this dish last night and was approved by a non-vegetarian! ;)

You'll need:

- Grainy /textured Soy: a handful per person- Soy sausages (huge help to create flavor!) -1 Per person- Tomato sauce
- Onions and garlic
- Olive oil
- Spaghetti
- Mushrooms (I forgot them on my -.-') and /or pepper if you like
- Seasonings (the more the better): pepper, salt, oregano, herbes de Provence, basil ...

1. Put the pasta in a pan with salt to bake while we cook the rest 
2. The Bolognese itself:
- Put in a pan (slitly big because after cooked the spaghetti will come here) olive oil, when hot braise the onion and the garlic.
- When it's gold, put the cut sausages and mushrooms, and involve them a bit, then put the textured soy - be careful because you may have to add a little water (as soy has no fat it can't fry on its own)


- Involve and start to season it with salt, pepper and herbs - if it's too "dry" join a little oil.
- Add the tomato sauce and time to go wild: herbs, salt, pepper will shin here!
Keep tsting it to see if it's going well or which herd is missing.
This part does not take much to do but we must be stirring so they do not grab the bottom.
When the pasta is cooked drain the water and stir into the soy pan!

Serve hot sprinkled with (a looooot of) oregano and grated cheese if you want too!;D
Hope you like it :D

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Sofia Carvalho disse...

É impressão minha ou tens o mesmo post publicado duas vezes?
Fora isso, está bastante apetitoso.
Desculpa não te ter dado atenção ontem, por causa do Fashion Salade.
Com toda a confusão, o meu nervosismo, etc... o meu computador também bloqueou e só hoje de manha é que deu. entretanto fui trabalhar e... sorry!
Felizmente está tudo normal novamente.


Sofia Carvalho disse...

Desculpa mas nem tinha reparado, como li o primeiro nem reparei se o outro estava em Português ou não. Estranhei e chamou-me a atenção foram as fotos.

Pois esta loja não há cá mas é possível comprar online. Tem coisas giríssimas e não são muito caras.


Bela Monstro disse...

Oh mulher quando é que me convidas a comer uma delícia destas?? :D